A short showing the contrast between calm nature and the stressful urban life through contrasting slow shots of nature and fast pacing stop motion animations of things in cities around Europe. 

Jacob Böös used imagery taken in cities like Berlin, Germany and Malmö Sweden to animate this unique psychedelic-like animation which makes you lose perception of time when watching it. 

This diploma project would not have been possible without the emotional support as well as on screen apperances by Benjamin Thunegård, Elvira Dordevic, Scilla Fors Holfelt, Rebecka Åkerlund, Erik Hansén, Sigger Jernetz, Erik Östergren, Amanda Östlund, Valentino Glave, Carola Rönnqvist, Sixten Rydberg Lidbo and Johannes Jando.

The music was produced by August Wilhelmsson and Hysics and licensed through Epidemic Sound. 

As you can clearly see, this film is made entirely out of pocket and made to stream on YouTube for free. If you have the ability, and would like to donate some money for more projects like this, you can do that through paypal.me/jacobooze